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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” 
― Albert Einstein

About Me

I'm Pingping, an artist, designer based in Los Angeles.
I'm a lover of animals, colors, fantasies. I believe that everyone has the magical

power of creating their own dreams and manifesting thoughts into reality. 

Growing up in Beijing, China, I drew lovely girls in vibrant, neon colors, while I was required to wear

navy and gray uniforms. As a young girl, making art was my secret power in living a creative, fun life with limitless possibilities. I moved to Los Angeles in 1995, and found much inspiration with pinup and anime. 

Now, I still create these imaginary universes, because the world is full of vivid stories and I consider myself a visual alchemist.

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Apart from art, I'm very much in love with creating fashion. If you are interested in 

creative, playful, anything but boring clothes, please check out:

my Etsy page